About COMBI Solution

Business intelligence (BI) , in the past years was sounding an exclusive privilege, only big companies could enjoy it. Implementing analytics software required building expensive data centers and hiring IT specialists and consultants.

Now Times have changed. The modern technology explosion, for the first time, made it possible for small and medium businesses to deploy BI to fulfill diverse needs, analyze their performance, predict their future, and make better decisions.

In this business wave, COMBI Solutions Aps is aiming to help as many small and medium size companies as possible, to achieve their dreaming Reporting and BI  solution in a cost-effective way.  so that more and more companies have the capability to make fact-based / data based decisions.


Right now COMBI solutions Aps are mainly delivering analytics service in the  two areas:

1. Finance and accounting operations

2. Supply Chain operations

We are also able to deliver customer-tailored reporting tools , e.g Macros or Dash boards according to customers unique/project needs.